Wars of aggression are illegal

The crime of aggressive war has not been tried in international court since Nuremberg, despite some believing it has been outlawed by international custom since at least WWII. Now, it is outlawed by express law: the Rome Statute’s provisions on aggressive war activated as of 2017. Learn more at coalitionfortheicc.org

The genocide in Darfur continues

Public attention moved on long ago, but genocidal violence in Darfur, Sudan continued into 2016, 2017, and 2018. Millions have been displaced, raped, killed, and victimized in other brutal ways by the Sudanese government and its allies. Learn more at worldwithoutgenocide.org

“Never again…”

We Are All Criminals

“One in four people has a criminal record; four in four have a criminal history.”

To learn more about who the State defines as criminal, who Americans think of as criminal, and who really has broken criminal laws, visit weareallcriminals.org


Prison Strike 2018

On August 21, 2018, prisoners and those in solidarity with them will strike across the United States. With a historic list of demands, prisoners will engage in work strikes, sit ins, and hunger strikes — while outside supporters will protest, boycott, donate, and stand in solidarity. Learn more at prisonstrike.com